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Our Story

To ensure the fantastic quality of every single towel, Cotton Painter® takes care of the whole production process starting from selection of raw material, manufacturing, embroidery service and all the way to packaging.

Towels of fantastic quality are crucial in our daily lives as they are in direct contact to our skin. We pride ourselves on focusing a series of qualities, including softness, absorbency and durability. 100% cotton from USA ensures those qualities are fulfilled as an own-brand.

We strongly believe in the motto of “Less is more” and importance of being environmentally responsible.

We offer three sizes of towels ranging from small, large and bath towels, with seven classic colours to start with. We will also present new colours from time to time.

To think outside box, our embroidery service provides customers room of imagination to write words on your towels, making every towel a unique one for yourself and loved ones.

Our embroidery service provides an extra story line for your own towels, offering a uniqueness from the busy yet monotonous world, perfect for yourself and your loved ones.

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